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In Which the Prof Gets FIREd Up

I’ve mentioned in the past that my first choice for an undergrad institution was the U of Chicago, but the finances just weren’t there for me in 1983. All the same, I’ve always had a soft spot for the school, … Continue reading

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Half a Hundred…

Around, around the sun we go; The moon goes round the earth. We do not die of death — We die of vertigo. Archibald MacLeish, “Mother Goose’s Garland.” So here we are. The Mad Dog and Mad Doc just headed back … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof and Spawn Get Folksy

Two nights ago, the Spawn rang me from Flagship, a pretty common event. This particular call, however, was driven by academic needs. “Dad, what do you know about regional horror fiction?” “Well, there’s Lovecraft’s New England and King’s Maine, but … Continue reading

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QotD: When You Wish Upon A Snark Edition

Part 1: “Sarcasm is our kitsch.” Part 2: “As with memes, Banksy asks us to substitute the sensation of recognizing a reference for the frisson of wit.”

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Kansas comes to Mondoville

Last night Mrs. M and I went to the historic Newberry Opera House as the guests of the Mad Dog and Mad Doc, who will in turn be our guests next weekend for a Mondoville football game and mutual birthday … Continue reading

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A College-y Necrology

Today’s online edition of the Chronicle of Higher Ed reports on a couple of blogs that serve as online memorials for colleges that have disappeared from America’s educational landscape. One is Ray Brown’s College History Garden, which is dedicated to “colleges … Continue reading

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All Right, Pony Up!

Ringo is auctioning off his drum kit. Yes, that kit, the black oyster Ludwig set he used in performance and to record tracks like “All My Loving” and “Can’t Buy Me Love.” You may recognize it: The auctioneers estimate that it … Continue reading

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A Mosaic Law

I’ve never been a huge fan of pro basketball, but I’ve paid a certain amount of attention to it over the years. Consequently, when I heard yesterday of the death of NBA Hall of Famer Moses Malone, I checked out a … Continue reading

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Mid-Month September Potpourri

Not to go all Garrison Keillor on you, but it has been a quiet week here in Mondoville. Still… *** The first home game of Mondoville’s football season took place yesterday afternoon. Our kids put up a good fight, but … Continue reading

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In Which Swashes are Buckled

The Spawn did the fencing thing last night, and appears to have enjoyed herself: Afterwards, some of them went and hung out at the student union, and the Spawn reports folks were pretty simpatico.  Clearly her next step is to become … Continue reading

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