En Garde!

The Spawn has decided to investigate Flagship’s fencing club, and has attended an organizational meeting (where she learned that beginners are welcome) and her first practice/lesson, which was last night at Flagship’s Geezer Memorial Pleasure Dome.

She hasn’t had the chance to handle any of the weapons yet; they spent the evening working on footwork, which she says reminds her a bit of her dance work in high school color guard, and “smacking each other with gloves”, apparently as a means of punctuating lunges. (Perhaps the Fencing Bear could fill me in on this at some point.)

Along the way, the club member/instructor demonstrated a stance/position in which he stood, rocking back and forth a bit — presumably in order to advance or retreat as needed. As this was going on, the Spawn made a mental connection:

“Is this supposed to look like Mortal Kombat?”

(Artist's Conception)

(Artist’s Conception)

This apparently had not occurred to the instructor before, and left him a bit nonplussed. Nonetheless, the Spawn says she had a terrific time, and is already looking forward to the next session. As fencing is a sport that has always interested me, I’m tickled to know she’s trying it. Updates may follow as needed.


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One Response to En Garde!

  1. Withywindle says:

    I did fencing for a while … I used some of what I picked up for fight scenes in my novels … The Princess Bride really does have the most amazing fencing sequence of all time … Dot dot dot …

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