Mid-Month September Potpourri

Not to go all Garrison Keillor on you, but it has been a quiet week here in Mondoville. Still…


The first home game of Mondoville’s football season took place yesterday afternoon. Our kids put up a good fight, but lost a close one to a team from a higher NCAA division, and one that has a shady history of compliance with recruiting rules as well. More seriously, however, both our starter and his relief at quarterback were knocked out of the game; at one point in the third quarter, the starter (a current student of mine) was on crutches and wearing a boot, while the backup was standing next to him with his arm in a sling.

I see these kids sacrificing their bodies for the game they love, and in some cases, for the promise of educational funding, and it both unnerves me and makes me more determined at least to offer them the best education I can, because they’re paying for it in ways they may not recognize for years.

On a lighter note, the concession stand at the stadium now accepts credit and debit cards, so while Mondoville may claim the oldest college field in South Carolina, it is at least nodding to the present. And the nachos with chili are still a pretty good deal at two bucks.


On a higher level of football, my M.A. institution held on to defeat Flagship last night. The Spawn was home for the weekend, and chose not to watch the game, preferring instead to chat with a friend. Later, I let her know the game result, and she said, “Well, that makes you happy, so that’s a victory for me!”

Some people take all the fun out of triumphalism.


And speaking of taking the fun out of triumphalism, the Kim Davis marriage license kerfuffle in Kentucky has spawned a series of Facebook posts from folks I know. While I disagree with her position, and believe there’s a serious contradiction between the trust the people of Rowan County placed in her and her sudden interest in civil disobedience, I don’t think stuff like the following really helps the discussion:




So all of this got my native perversity going, and I started making my own additions to some of these threads:

British executioner Albert Pierrepoint

British executioner Albert Pierrepoint

Roy Cohn

Roy Cohn

and of course, I figured why not swing for the fences…


Judging from the response I got, apparently the new fondness for only following orders has its limits. Me, I figure it’s just another example that the State should have no power you wouldn’t want your worst enemy to have — because sooner or later, he or she probably will.


And what would a potpourri post be without a bit of music? Some songs tug on the heartstrings; others vivisect the listener. Today’s tune is an example of the latter, schmaltz on steroids. Nonetheless, I like it, and while it may be the fact that I’m two weeks from turning fifty, or the fact that as a Southerner, I have a deep appreciation for feeling miserable, I wanted to hear it today. So from 1968, here’s Mary Hopkin.

See you soon!


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