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A Mosaic Law

I’ve never been a huge fan of pro basketball, but I’ve paid a certain amount of attention to it over the years. Consequently, when I heard yesterday of the death of NBA Hall of Famer Moses Malone, I checked out a … Continue reading

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Mid-Month September Potpourri

Not to go all Garrison Keillor on you, but it has been a quiet week here in Mondoville. Still… *** The first home game of Mondoville’s football season took place yesterday afternoon. Our kids put up a good fight, but … Continue reading

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In Which Swashes are Buckled

The Spawn did the fencing thing last night, and appears to have enjoyed herself: Afterwards, some of them went and hung out at the student union, and the Spawn reports folks were pretty simpatico.  Clearly her next step is to become … Continue reading

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Getting Down to Particulars

The Spawn is working on a story, and we were talking about it a little bit over the weekend. At one point, she said, “All the protagonists I’ve written have been female, but I think the protagonist of this one … Continue reading

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En Garde!

The Spawn has decided to investigate Flagship’s fencing club, and has attended an organizational meeting (where she learned that beginners are welcome) and her first practice/lesson, which was last night at Flagship’s Geezer Memorial Pleasure Dome. She hasn’t had the … Continue reading

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A Chance to Be Nice

Over the last year or so, I’ve mentioned Double Life Press and its principal Craig McNeely on numerous occasions. I’ve told you that DLP has published several of my stories (and one of my daughter’s) in Dark Corners magazine, and that … Continue reading

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