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Halloween Potpourri

Yeah, I’m still around. But between grading and the restoration of the house — drywall/painting and gutters should be finished today, and carpet is to be installed Wednesday — I just haven’t felt especially writerly. However, that doesn’t mean that … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to…

… one of the stranger cats on the music scene. Sterling Smith, popularly known (for certain values of “popular”) as Jandek, was born seventy years ago today. His music falls under the heading of “Outsider Music“, with elements of acoustic … Continue reading

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I mentioned meeting Danny Gardner at Bouchercon the week before last. Danny has done comedy in the past, as have I, the difference being that he was/is good at it. As we were talking, the subject of hack comedy came … Continue reading

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Mind the Gap: Potpourri

Sorry I haven’t posted lately — between grading and the continuing cleanup and restoration of the Mid-Century Mondohaus (which we hope will return to its antediluvian status in the next few weeks), I’ve been busy as the proverbial one-armed paperhanger, … Continue reading

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A Premature Bouchercon Wrap-Up

Sorry my Day 3 report is late, but I have my reasons, as you shall see. After the mayhem and mirth of recording the podcast with Tom Pitts (link still TK), I still got up Saturday in time for my … Continue reading

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Bouchercon Report: Day Two

After wishing the lovely Mrs. M a happy 22nd anniversary via phone (Love you, dear!), I got to the convention hotels this morning in time for the ten a.m. session. I picked a session about the enduring appeal of the … Continue reading

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Bouchercon Report: Day One.

Because I didn’t realize the alarm in my room was set, I woke up at six this morning, but on the upside, I was able to get civilized and get to the convention with plenty of time this morning. I … Continue reading

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Bouchercon Report: Day Zero

I’m finally at base camp, at a motel a couple of miles from Bouchercon’s convention hotels downtown. The convention officially begins tomorrow. But O my brothers, getting here was an adventure in itself. I was one of a group of … Continue reading

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Flood-Related Observation

As some of you may know, the US Government has a monopoly on flood insurance. As we were warned last week of the coming rains, I decided to look into the subject, and one of the things I discovered was … Continue reading

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Amidst the Clutter

The fans and dehumidifiers are roaring away downstairs — the cleanup company will be checking on them in a little while. Our handyman/odd jobs guy came over yesterday and pulled up all the carpet and padding, so three of the … Continue reading

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