Amidst the Clutter

The fans and dehumidifiers are roaring away downstairs — the cleanup company will be checking on them in a little while. Our handyman/odd jobs guy came over yesterday and pulled up all the carpet and padding, so three of the downstairs rooms are down to the bare concrete — the den floor is slate, and the utility room floor was concrete already.

Other than the hassle of having two floors’ worth of stuff on one floor of the house, we’re doing OK. Once the cleanup company is gone, we’ll start worrying about new flooring where the carpet was — we’re thinking about tile. Once that’s done, we’ll move stuff back down. Until then, our upstairs will look like the Collyer Brothers’ with training wheels.

Mondoville College was closed today, but will reopen in the morning. The public schools remain closed, so Mrs. M has tomorrow off. Meanwhile, the situation at Flagship seems unpleasant; the campus is shut down tomorrow, the students remain under a boil water advisory, and Real City is under curfew. In other parts of the state, things verge on science fiction (Caution: Nightmare fuel). Fortunately, the Spawn is here. In fact she just asked me who I thought the Hound of the Basketballs would vote for if she had the franchise. When I said I didn’t know, she said, “Since [Hound]’s never had any experience in the real world, I think she’d pick Bernie Sanders.” So much for liberal indoctrination. And I’m glad she’s safe here at home.

The cleanup guys have come and gone — the gear will continue to roar downstairs for at least another day. But we’re still OK.

However, that’s not so for everyone. Again, if you’re of the prayerful persuasion, keep the people of South Carolina on your list. Thanks.

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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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1 Response to Amidst the Clutter

  1. I remember that roar. Fortunately, our flooding was in the basement, even if half the basement was a family room/library. I probably lost a few books, and some still show some water damage.

    God’s blessing and peace in this time.

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