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Bouchercon Report: Day Zero

I’m finally at base camp, at a motel a couple of miles from Bouchercon’s convention hotels downtown. The convention officially begins tomorrow. But O my brothers, getting here was an adventure in itself. I was one of a group of … Continue reading

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Flood-Related Observation

As some of you may know, the US Government has a monopoly on flood insurance. As we were warned last week of the coming rains, I decided to look into the subject, and one of the things I discovered was … Continue reading

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Amidst the Clutter

The fans and dehumidifiers are roaring away downstairs — the cleanup company will be checking on them in a little while. Our handyman/odd jobs guy came over yesterday and pulled up all the carpet and padding, so three of the … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, at Lake Mondo…

I went to bed at about 11 or 11:30 last night, and everything was dry. Not so when I woke up this morning. I went downstairs to let the dog out, but I saw reflections on the water before I … Continue reading

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Deep Blue Eyes

There seems to be a break in the rain, or I can’t see it from my spot here in the den. Doubtless there’s plenty more to come — an intersection a few blocks from here is closed, but so far, … Continue reading

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“They Run and Hide Their Heads”

When the Spawn was very small (and even in her early school years), I’d sing to her at bedtime, and because I’ve been listening to the Beatles since I was a kid, their songs made up much of the bedtime repertoire. Her … Continue reading

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