QotD: Mondo’s Christmas List Edition

As I put together my Christmas list not long ago, I included several books that have caught my attention of late, including some from my long-time favorites Roger Scruton and Theodore Dalrymple. While I don’t find myself in complete agreement with either of these gentlemen, I invariably am interested and impressed by the things they have to say.

As it happens, there’s an interview with Scruton at spiked, commemorating the release of his new book (which was on my list), and the interview provides our QotD:

[…T]here is a paucity of conservative thought. It is partly the effect of the dominance of the left. If you come out as a conservative in a university context, you will find yourself very much on the margins. But my main explanation of this is that conservative thought is difficult. It doesn’t consist of providing fashionable slogans or messages of hope and marching into the future with clenched fists and all the things that automatically get a following. It consists in careful, sceptical rumination on the near-impossibility of human existence in the first place.’

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