Berries on Boxing Day

Slept til noon today, which makes sense, given that I got home a little after three this morning. The Berries had a show in Real City last night, headlining  a three-band bill at our home-away-from-home, Art Bar.

Justin and I got our gear into the van, and we were first on the scene last night. We got our stuff offloaded into a back room, and grabbed a burger around 8 p.m., making it back by 9. The show started at 10:30, with the debut of local duo Turbo Gatto. The guitar/drums, man/woman lineup provoked comparisons to the White Stripes, but the music was energetic without being derivative, and drummer Gina’s unorthodox style (she plays open-handed, riding and leading with right or left hand, depending on which side of the kit she’s using) left me fascinated and more than a little envious — I’d love to be able to do some of the things she was doing last night. Their 7-song set went too quickly, and I’m looking forward to sharing another bill with them in March.

Psycho A-Go-Go was next, and overcame some technical issues for a rousing set. As was the case the other time I saw them, they closed the set with a cover of the Association’s “Windy”, with a decidedly punky sheen. (It’s also nice to see another drummer in my general demographic — turns out he is a childhood friend of the bassist’s dad. Old guys rock!) Guitarist/vocalist Paul Kinosian’s passion for high-energy garage and psychedelia is apparent throughout, and I saw a lot of smiles in the audience.

Then it was our turn, and I think we gave good value in a 19-song, 55-minute closing set. Because we spent much of the fall inactive (a combination of several factors), and because we had to schedule practices around holiday gatherings, the set was a bit more cover-heavy than usual, which meant that I wound up singing more than I usually do — for some reason, I sing almost all the covers we do. The crowd included old friends and new, and we saw folks dancing and singing along, so I think everyone was having a good time.

Afterwards, we got loaded out pretty quickly, and the rest of the guys made their ways home. The manager told me that if we were willing to wait just a little bit, we could get our take before we went home, sparing us another trip to Real City later in the week. So Justin and I hung for another 15 or 20 minutes, picked up the cash, and made it back to Mondoville. I dropped him off, agreeing to get together with him this afternoon to unload our gear at the practice space (the college’s TV studio). And as I said, I got home right at 3, and hit the sack at 3:15. Mrs. M woke up long enough to ask, “How was the show?”

I don’t even know if she was awake when I told her, “It went well,” but I did. And it did.

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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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