Greek to Me…

Night before last, the Spawn was initiated into one of Mondoville’s three sororities. We’re happy for her, and for her sorority as well — she wound up in the one I had always figured would best suit her. She learned who her “Big Sister” (a sort of sorority mentor) was last week, and was completely delighted — she was matched to the young woman she had hoped for, and with whom she shares a major and an interest in creative writing. The Spawn and her “Big” have been hanging out — at least once making a trek to the New Orleans-Style Sno-ball stand that is Mondoville’s latest pleasure palace.(That works well, as both the Spawn and the other young lady have dietary restrictions that rule out a lot of dining options.) Several times each week, she tells us how glad she is that she transferred away from Flagship. Seeing her happy (and seeing her coaxed from her room) pleases Mrs. M and me as well.

Em and Mad

The Spawn with her “Big”

Mrs. M, meanwhile, is excited because this gives the two of them an excuse to shop for cute, sorority-themed gear. The Spawn’s birthday is a week from today, and I suspect there will be more than a few accessories along with the usual supply of books. The whole business is new to Mrs. M and me — neither of us could afford to participate in an organization like that during our undergrad years, and the fact that I attended several schools before I got my B.A. was also a factor. I’ll cop to a corresponding share of reverse snobbery about the business over the years, but having seen the Spawn making friends and asserting herself in some of the organization’s philanthropic work even before her initiation, I’m really glad she made the choice she did, and I’m glad we can help provide her with the opportunity.

Furthermore, she has thrown herself into writing, having submitted a story to the school’s literary annual. We’ll see if she makes it in. She also has lined up an on-campus gig for the summer, working at the college library as a foretaste of the work she hopes to do in grad school. Another professor is encouraging her to join the school’s Honors program, and my colleague who is serving as her adviser swung by today to remind the Spawn to set up her schedule for Fall (registration starts Monday). She’s learning things, she’s interested, and she’s cheerful. So far, so good — for all of us.

For years, I’ve told visiting students and their parents that I think Mondoville is a good place to be. It’s early yet, but so far, it’s nice to see that truth from a parent’s perspective as well as a prof’s.

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