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“Go-go Getter”

I’ve been called a lot of things over the years, but “go-getter” isn’t among them. I never had the ambition to become a titan of industry or finance, and while when I was a kid I thought it might be … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Mr. Emerson, and Saturday Potpourri

I was blindsided yesterday afternoon when I heard about the apparent suicide of Keith Emerson, one of rock’s greatest keyboardists, and possibly primus inter pares based on seniority and innovation. With the Nice, and most notably with Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, Emerson’s … Continue reading

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“All You Need Is Ears”

The grammar isn’t all that great (at least to speakers of American English), but that’s the title of Sir George Martin’s autobiography. Mr. Martin, who died yesterday at the age of 90, was the producer of all but one of the … Continue reading

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A Story that Delivers

I’ve previously mentioned my friend Karen Craigo, whose poetry I recommend. Turns out she writes fiction as well — and she has a story in Hermeneutic Chaos Journal. Don’t let the journal’s title put you off; Karen’s story, “Delivering the Courier“, is … Continue reading

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A Word from the Head Moron

I’ve been reading Ace of Spades HQ for years, since I first ran across his envisioning of the the 2004 Democratic field of Presidential candidates as D&D characters. In recent years, he’s more often angry than funny, and I don’t read … Continue reading

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Lenten Devotion — 1 Mar 16

This is my second contribution to Newberry College’s series of devotional messages for this Lenten season. I hope you find it useful. Jeremiah 11: 1-17 (KJV) 11 The word that came to Jeremiah from the Lord saying, 2 Hear ye the words of this … Continue reading

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