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Happy Bloggiversary, and Twisted Sister: Potpourri

As of today, I’ve been doing this blog for six years. I started doing it at the Mad Dog’s suggestion, and as a means of distracting myself from the horrors of my parents’ murders almost a year earlier. It became … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Has an Ancestor in the News

I’ve mentioned before that although I moved to Mondoville in 2003, my family has deep roots in this part of the country, and even this part of the state. My dad was born in Greenwood, SC, about 35 miles from … Continue reading

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Well, I Wasn’t Expecting That…

At the year-end faculty meeting this afternoon, it was announced that I have been selected to receive this year’s W.C. “Billy” Carter Professorship, one of two one-year endowed professorships awarded each year at Newberry College. It’s an honor I hadn’t … Continue reading

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QotD: Mondo’s Law Redux Edition

Over the years, I’ve tried to suggest that we place too much emphasis on the political agon as a portion of our identities. I believe that the slogan “The personal is political” drives out the chance for things to be … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Potpourri

I have about a dozen papers to grade before Phase 1 of Gradeapalooza concludes, but I figured I’d procrastinate a bit check in here before diving into the day’s work. *** Saw the new version of The Jungle Book with the Spawn … Continue reading

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QotD: Choking on Smug Edition

Today at lunch, I was chatting with a colleague of mine who is rather to the left. Unsurprisingly, we disagree about quite a few things, but we continue to engage intellectually, because we like each other and we make each … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Is Glad He Teaches English

I admit that I’m a terrible person, but when I saw this headline, there’s a part of me that said, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t…” On the other hand, Gradeapalooza no longer seems so bad. Seriously, I wish … Continue reading

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I’m Still Here, and an Anecdote for Mom’s Birthday

I just haven’t had a lot to say of late, and Gradeapalooza is at hand, but I haven’t given up. Thanks for sticking around. My mom was born 72 years ago today, and I happened to remember that one year, … Continue reading

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Beyond Virtue?

Recently I ran across a line in my reading — I forget the author, but it may have been Theodore Dalrymple — that suggested that progressives dream of creating a society so perfect that there is no need to be … Continue reading

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Chop Shop

One of the few things the Spawn actually enjoyed during her brief stint at Flagship was the fencing club, and once she gets settled into her routines here in Mondoville, she hopes to get back into the the sport — … Continue reading

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