The Old Ball Game

As a fan of the Cincinnati Reds, I’ve learned to keep my expectations down — 1990 was a long time ago. But a new season is at hand, and hope springs eternal, and Vern Rapp was an even longer time ago, so what the heck.

While I fully expect the Reds to settle into the lower regions of the NL Central, I’ll still lok for reasons to cheer for the team, and I may have found another. The Reds have signed pitcher Steve Delabar and assigned him to a high minor-league affiliate. Delabar is 32 years old, and has a remarkable story:

There’s a little bit of Walter Mitty in all of us, I think, and that bit helps us understand how delightful Mr. Delabar’s story has been. We hope it continues in Cincinnati — we could use some good feelings.

A tip of the Mondo Mortarboard to commenter FUDD, via Facebook.

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One Response to The Old Ball Game

  1. FUDD says:

    That X-ray. Jeez!

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