QotD: Mondo’s Law Redux Edition

Over the years, I’ve tried to suggest that we place too much emphasis on the political agon as a portion of our identities. I believe that the slogan “The personal is political” drives out the chance for things to be truly personal and outside the public sphere. I take real pleasure in my liberal friends as well as my conservative and libertarian ones — and as an academic in the humanities, that’s probably a good thing, because it could get pretty lonely otherwise.

And that brings us to our QotD, from Peter Wehner in the NYTWehner is speaking of the political rise of Donald Trump, and the fact that the intra-GOP tensions over this have been damaging even long-time friendships. Wehner observes:

When political differences shatter friendships, when we attribute disagreements to deep character flaws, it usually means politics has become too central to our lives.

Or to restate it in the terms of Mondo’s Law: If your life isn’t bigger than your politics, you’re doing one of them wrong.

This one is dedicated to the Mad Dog — I disagree with most of your positions, but I’m glad you’re there.

A tip of the Mondo Mortarboard to Lawrence Block, who has his own blog, by the way.

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