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I’m Still Here, and an Anecdote for Mom’s Birthday

I just haven’t had a lot to say of late, and Gradeapalooza is at hand, but I haven’t given up. Thanks for sticking around. My mom was born 72 years ago today, and I happened to remember that one year, … Continue reading

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Beyond Virtue?

Recently I ran across a line in my reading — I forget the author, but it may have been Theodore Dalrymple — that suggested that progressives dream of creating a society so perfect that there is no need to be … Continue reading

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Chop Shop

One of the few things the Spawn actually enjoyed during her brief stint at Flagship was the fencing club, and once she gets settled into her routines here in Mondoville, she hopes to get back into the the sport — … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Drives, and Reads, and Drives Some More

So Sunday, I got to have another of those Real Writer Moments (TM Pending), courtesy of the organizers of Noir at the Bar (who invited me) and the Newberry College Department of Humanities (which picked up the tab). I picked … Continue reading

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The Old Ball Game

As a fan of the Cincinnati Reds, I’ve learned to keep my expectations down — 1990 was a long time ago. But a new season is at hand, and hope springs eternal, and Vern Rapp was an even longer time … Continue reading

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A Mammoth Portion of Saturday Evening Potpourri

Things have been pretty busy at the Mid-Century Mondohaus this week, as this was the college’s annual Greek Week. The Spawn has done her part, most notably by participating in the week’s climactic Lip Sync competition. While her group didn’t … Continue reading

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