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Ancients at the Y

With classes and grading being done, I got up bright and early to get a couple of miles in. There are five treadmills in the workout room, and three were in use when I got there: X X _ X … Continue reading

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A Quick pre-Minipalooza Potpourri

It’s the last day of summer session. My Brit survey kids (including the Spawn) are taking their finals. After I do my walking, I’ll spend the evening (and possibly some of tomorrow, but I hope not) getting the grading done. … Continue reading

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Poetry Corner: Encore Edition

I’m teaching this poem today, and I was wondering if I had ever put it on the blog before. As it turns out, I have — twice. Nonetheless, I’ve decided to run it again — after all, it’s my blog. … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Potpourri

After a night’s sleep that would literarily precede one’s transformation into a cockroach, I find myself in the weekend preceding the summer term’s Minipalooza, which begins Monday. However, the potpourri must flow. So here we go. *** Instant autopsies of … Continue reading

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Screw the Brexit — It’s LB’s Birthday!

Today is Lawrence Block’s 78th birthday. I count myself as very fortunate to have had the opportunities both to spend time with him (as a host when he came to Mondoville as a visiting writer) and to work with him … Continue reading

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Arise, Sir Roger

File it under “How did I miss this?” Frequent visitors are aware of my fondness for the work of British philosopher Roger Scruton — I’ve mentioned him well over a dozen times here over the years, and even when I … Continue reading

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There’s Noir Place Like Home

Cities, suburbs, small towns, the middle of nowhere — crime can and does happen anywhere there are people, because when law and desire conflict, sometimes desire comes out ahead. And when it comes to hard-boiled and noir writing, this holds … Continue reading

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HeroesCon Postscript

The Spawn and I got home about an hour ago. We gave Mrs. M a quick report, and I’m now downstairs doing the laundry from the trip. We discovered that Mrs. M took advantage of our absence to repaint the … Continue reading

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HeroesCon Day 2 Potpourri

I woke up around 6:50 this morning, but was having none of that, so I dozed off again until about 9:15. I roused the Spawn around ten, and we walked to the IHOP next door. Alas, the guy at the … Continue reading

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HeroesCon 2016: Day 1

For the fourth consecutive summer, the Spawn and I found our way to the Charlotte Convention Center for HeroesCon. We’re staying at the same place we stayed last year, but this year we seem to be renovation free. We checked … Continue reading

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