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Ancients at the Y

With classes and grading being done, I got up bright and early to get a couple of miles in. There are five treadmills in the workout room, and three were in use when I got there: X X _ X … Continue reading

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A Quick pre-Minipalooza Potpourri

It’s the last day of summer session. My Brit survey kids (including the Spawn) are taking their finals. After I do my walking, I’ll spend the evening (and possibly some of tomorrow, but I hope not) getting the grading done. … Continue reading

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Poetry Corner: Encore Edition

I’m teaching this poem today, and I was wondering if I had ever put it on the blog before. As it turns out, I have — twice. Nonetheless, I’ve decided to run it again — after all, it’s my blog. … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Potpourri

After a night’s sleep that would literarily precede one’s transformation into a cockroach, I find myself in the weekend preceding the summer term’s Minipalooza, which begins Monday. However, the potpourri must flow. So here we go. *** Instant autopsies of … Continue reading

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Screw the Brexit — It’s LB’s Birthday!

Today is Lawrence Block’s 78th birthday. I count myself as very fortunate to have had the opportunities both to spend time with him (as a host when he came to Mondoville as a visiting writer) and to work with him … Continue reading

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Arise, Sir Roger

File it under “How did I miss this?” Frequent visitors are aware of my fondness for the work of British philosopher Roger Scruton — I’ve mentioned him well over a dozen times here over the years, and even when I … Continue reading

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There’s Noir Place Like Home

Cities, suburbs, small towns, the middle of nowhere — crime can and does happen anywhere there are people, because when law and desire conflict, sometimes desire comes out ahead. And when it comes to hard-boiled and noir writing, this holds … Continue reading

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