Arise, Sir Roger

File it under “How did I miss this?”

Frequent visitors are aware of my fondness for the work of British philosopher Roger Scruton — I’ve mentioned him well over a dozen times here over the years, and even when I don’t find myself agreeing with him, I find him to be someone I must take seriously. In many respects, he is a model of what an intellectual man of the Right should be.

And a couple of weeks back, he was created a Knight Bachelor by the Queen, who announced it in her Birthday Honours List. His response was simple: “I feel grateful and encouraged to receive this honour for work that has in any case always been for me a reward in itself.”

That strikes me as particularly appropriate, as his work has left me (and others) both grateful and encouraged in our turn.

Congratulations, Prof. Scruton.

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3 Responses to Arise, Sir Roger

  1. Andrew Stevens says:

    Thanks for this! Despite my avocational interest in philosophy, I’m not terribly familiar with Mr. Scruton’s (or should I say Sir Roger’s) works. I’d heard of him before any of your posts about him, but he was largely just a name to me. (I can’t honestly say to know much of anything about the philosophy of aesthetics.) But I jumped to his website from your link to see a list of his books and noticed he had just published a book on Wagner’s Ring, so new it doesn’t even yet appear on his Wikipedia bibliography. (It was published two weeks ago.) Since I prefer my books on Wagner to be bound rather than electronic, I have to order it from the UK and pay shipping and currency exchange, but it’s worth it to get it into my grubby paws ASAP.

  2. Andrew Stevens says:

    Finished the book. It was good, not as good as my expectations, but those were probably unrealistically high. Ever since Deryck Cooke died when he was about 1/4 through his magnum opus on the Ring, I’ve been hoping for someone to finish what he started (in English anyway). Scruton (who mentioned Cooke many times himself) gave it a try, but ultimately despite his knowledge of music, he just can’t match Cooke on that and wasn’t as systematic as Cooke would have been. Still, it was good and a decent volume. It’s probably the case that the insights that Cooke would have brought to the work died with him.

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