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HeroesCon Postscript

The Spawn and I got home about an hour ago. We gave Mrs. M a quick report, and I’m now downstairs doing the laundry from the trip. We discovered that Mrs. M took advantage of our absence to repaint the … Continue reading

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HeroesCon Day 2 Potpourri

I woke up around 6:50 this morning, but was having none of that, so I dozed off again until about 9:15. I roused the Spawn around ten, and we walked to the IHOP next door. Alas, the guy at the … Continue reading

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HeroesCon 2016: Day 1

For the fourth consecutive summer, the Spawn and I found our way to the Charlotte Convention Center for HeroesCon. We’re staying at the same place we stayed last year, but this year we seem to be renovation free. We checked … Continue reading

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Destination: Geekville

Well, Charlotte, anyway. In a few hours, the Spawn and I will be heading up there for this year’s HeroesCon. As usual, I’ll post overviews from time to time. In the meantime, I finished my week’s walking this morning. My … Continue reading

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A Masochistic Mothman and Missionary Malignancy

So last night, the Spawn and I came over to my office, where we had a conversation with Pam Stack, the host of Authors on the Air, flagship show for the podcast network of the same name. The show’s theme (in … Continue reading

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“Hello, You’re on The Air.”

… or at least the internet. Tonight at 9 p.m. EDT/ 6 p.m. Pacific, the Spawn and I will be appearing on Pam Stack’s Authors on the Air podcast. We’ll be doing a little reading and talking about writing, our own … Continue reading

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Spawns Say The Darnedest Things

The Spawn happens to be in my Brit survey class this term (Slogan: “1200 Years in 19 Days!”), and today we covered Pope’s Rape of the Lock. Afterwards, she said, “You know what, Dad?” “Sometimes, but try me anyway.” “Alexander Pope … Continue reading

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