Barbarians at the Gait

duck feet

No, kid, you don’t. On the upside, when you’re wearing skis, it gives you a natural herringbone.

I decided to do another IKEA half-marathon this week, and did my 5K Monday, followed by four miles yesterday. That left me with three 2-milers to go this week, and that meant that today, tomorrow and Friday would be “easy days” — 34 minutes and change plus a cool-down.

However, today was tougher than I expected. Some of it I attribute to fatigue from the previous two days, but I think there were other issues as well — two in particular. You see, the shoes I’ve been wearing throughout this process (and for general use as well — since October, really) have begun to come apart at the seams. As it happens, I have some new (well, lightly used) shoes coming my way via Ebay — indeed, they may arrive today — but I still needed some general-purpose kicks. I bought some yesterday, and they’re well padded and very comfortable.


The soles are thick — perhaps not Gene Simmons stagewear thick, but moon-boot is not out of the question. Indeed, they add a good inch or so to my already considerable height, and while the loftier perspective is interesting, I also noticed other side effects. Specifically, I’ve never been one to lift my feet very high when I walk. Even in my old shoes, I would occasionally notice a scuffing sound when I bring my left foot forward. That was a signal to me to step a little higher. But today, every time I’d start to relax into a groove, I’d hear it: CLOMP scuCLOMP CLOMP scuCLOMP, like a swing beat for clumsiness. I’d literally pick up my pace (though not my speed), and I think it threw me off a little and tired me a bit more than usual. Admittedly, I’m not the most graceful walker, and never have been. I’m what’s called slue-footed or duck footed — the opposite of pigeon-toed. Where a normal person’s footprints look like this:





mine are like so:





(My folks actually got me those clunky baby shoes when I was a toddler, but if they helped, we can’t prove it today.) As I said, grace ain’t in the picture.

Nonetheless, I got my two miles in, and intend to do the same tomorrow. So there’s that. And I’ll keep scuffling along my awkward way.


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