QotD: Prog Rock Edition

Through the magic of YouTube, I’m watching a BBC documentary from 2008 on English progressive rock, which (as I’ve noted) is the yang to my garage-rock yin. (And I would argue that they find a sort of Hegelian synthesis in psychedelic rock, so it all makes sense — to me, anyway.)

It’s a lot of fun for me, and it’s cool to see the variety within the overall genre, from the sweet, slightly stoned jazziness of the Canterbury bands to the chameleonlike aspects of Yes and the pomp and stomp of ELP.

And then there’s King Crimson. I’m at the point in the doc where Bill Bruford leaves the happy cosmic pixies of Yes to join Crimso (not a typo — more of an inside joke), a move the documentary compares to “going over the Berlin Wall… into East Germany.” Which brings us to the QotD, from Dr. Bill himself:

Everything you’ve ever heard about King Crimson is true. It’s an absolutely terrifying place. Whatever you do before you join King Crimson, would you please not do it when you’re in the band?

You might see the appeal in this for a curmudgeon like me. And it helps that they absolutely crush whatever they play. After I saw Crimson some years ago, I told my friend (and occasional commenter) Michael Dearing, “If the Nazi invasion of Poland had needed a band, and had these guys been available, this would have worked just fine.” And I meant it in a good way.

So Bruford’s line gave me a laugh, and so I shared it with you. And here’s an example of what he meant:

See you soon!

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