A Footnote: Goodbye to the Performance Paisley

(Some theme music.)

I forgot to mention that the other night’s show marked the first time in a number of years that I did a music or reading gig without wearing my long-time favorite blue paisley shirt. I started out a few years ago with the blue one and a white counterpart, but the white one got torn during the cleanup after the flood last fall, so the blue one got even more wear.

And it has become rather worn, but that isn’t really the problem. The problem is that it is now about 1.5 to 2 sizes too large for me (or, I suppose, I am correspondingly too small for it.).  I went with a Hawaiian shirt on Saturday, and I suppose that will be the stagewear of choice until and unless I find something suitably 1966 in my (still capacious) size.

I know it’s just a shirt, but it’s odd how bits of the routine take on a presence of their own. Whether I was teaching, doing a reading, or playing a gig, I felt comfortable and at least somewhat presentable — or as close to it as I get. But things change, I guess, and we have to find comforts elsewhere. There’s probably a lesson in that somewhere, but I probably left it in another shirt.

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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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1 Response to A Footnote: Goodbye to the Performance Paisley

  1. Fudd says:

    Got a big chuckle out of this post – largely because I give enormous thought to my gig shirts…if really feeling bright, wear the British street vendor shirt of many colors…just want to be different, it’s the ‘Oreo Cookie’ shirt…on the conservative side, it’s the blue paisley…like it matters to anyone but me!!! Also, a black Frank Zappa tee had accompanied me to any high pressure exams since the 80s – the GRE, Certified Netware Administrator, Ohio Life & Health, countless finals, and next week the Series 6 – and it hasn’t failed me yet!

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