Saturday Evening Potpourri

Got back from a retail run to Real City (more on which anon), and thought I’d check in, so without further ado…


I’m in my usual spot downstairs,  trying to avoid the heat as much as possible Temperatures in Real City have been in the high 90s to low hundreds all week, and only two or three degrees cooler in Mondoville. When we returned from Wide-Spot-in-the Road on Wednesday, the sustained heat had overwhelmed our heat pump — it was 88 degrees inside when we walked through the door. It’s more livable now; we’ve discovered that switching off the air for a minute or two and then restarting it seems to cool the house more effectively than letting it run (which is how it got to 88 to begin with.) Still, it’s stuffier than I would like. Such is life down here, I guess. However, it’s supposed to drop to a mere 93 or so by Thursday. Perhaps I’ll live to see it. I hope so, anyway — The Berries have an outdoor show next Saturday afternoon.


Because of the road trip, I didn’t get a lot of walking in, but I got back to business on Thursday, getting in a bit over five miles this week, and I’ll resume my routine on Monday. As I drove home this afternoon, I noticed that Mondoville’s Homecoming (with the attendant 5K race) happens in about 10 weeks. I continue to target that as a goal activity, with the ambition of completing in in less than an hour. A 5K on the treadmill seems to consistently take me about 50:30, but that’s flat. I may migrate into the world — or at least the indoor track — pretty soon.


My shopping trip today yielded a couple of CDs. One is a collection of Yardbirds tunes — specifically early singles — and the other is a single-disk collection of King Crimson stuff from the first album and the reinvented group with Adrian Belew et al. I actually own the Crimson material on the original CDs, but this puts all the stuff on one disc for convenience when I drive. I didn’t pick up any new reading material, but the Spawn got Megan Abbott’s newest yesterday, so I have dibs on that when she’s finished. Details after I’ve read it.


In a frenzy of yardwork last weekend, Mrs. M managed to dose herself with poison ivy for the third time in 2016. This one’s pretty rough, and we’ve moved from Calamine lotion to stronger treatments as the week has gone on. Seems like a good reason either to let the yard go feral or pave it all over, but that probably just demonstrates my lack of character. Either way, here’s hoping she bounces back soon.

Also on the “speedy recovery” list is friend and commenter Jerome, who is having a scope done in order to repair a torn meniscus. Hope you’re back up and around in short order!


For my parting musical selection, I return to Jersey lads The Smithereens. One of the things I like about the band is their habit (especially early in their career) of titling songs after classic and noirish movies. Here’s one of those, derived from a novel and movie by Evan “Ed McBain” Hunter. From their first album, here’s “Strangers When We Meet.”

But should you see me on the street, feel free to look my way. See you soon!

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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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