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In Which the Spawn Enters the Workforce (and a Locked Room)

Today was the first day of the Spawn’s first paying gig, working at the college library. It’s a bit of a late start for a summer job, but we had to wait for the new fiscal year to get rolling, … Continue reading

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A Bit of Monday Linky Love

My friends know that my interests are pretty multifarious — like Terence’s character, I tend to think that “I am human, and nothing of that which is human is alien to me.” Consequently, when my friends run across something a … Continue reading

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Saturday Potpourri: Now with Extra Steps

It’s Saturday morning (for another hour or so, anyway), so away we go! Alternating Feet Department: Finished my 13.1 miles yesterday, and as I got off the treadmill, I realized I still had some life in my legs, but I … Continue reading

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Hey, Y’all

I’ve mentioned before that I went to high school in Florence, KY, a roughly 4-mile trip from my then-home in Union. When I tell people where in Kentucky I’m from, I tend to mention Union in relation to Florence, the … Continue reading

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More News from an Old Hometown

… well, not really a hometown so much as a pleasant way station, but it seems the good people at the animal shelter in Muncie, IN (home of my Ph.D. institution) have come up with a pretty cool angle to … Continue reading

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Barbarians at the Gait

I decided to do another IKEA half-marathon this week, and did my 5K Monday, followed by four miles yesterday. That left me with three 2-milers to go this week, and that meant that today, tomorrow and Friday would be “easy … Continue reading

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Mondos and Mads

On Friday, Mrs. M, the Spawn, and I loaded up the car and made the trek down I’s 26 and 40 to Knoxville, where we spent the weekend with the Mad Dog, the Mad Doc, and their young’n. We did … Continue reading

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