Pre-Semester Observations

Concluded a two-day faculty retreat death march in-service this afternoon with the customary assessment-themed professional development session. This one actually gave me a couple of interesting things to think about, rather than being about new and dynamic paperwork techniques for the benefit of the accreditors in which we live and move and have our beings. Kudos to those involved. Nonetheless, it was actually refreshing to hit the treadmill afterwards for a 4-mile saunter, putting me more than halfway to an IKEA half-marathon for the week.

I probably needed the extra time on the treadmill today, as I enjoyed the cafeteria’s buffet a bit more than I should have. As the Spawn observes, “You can’t outwalk a bad diet,” and I know this to be true. However, since I came to Mondoville, the lunch table has been one of the places that keeps me sane, a center of discussion and repartee, both high and low. It’s the center of a lot of the campus community, and I think it’s important to be there each day, in sight of the kids and interacting with them outside the typical classroom/office settings. It’s the same reason I try to go to ballgames, concerts, and plays when I can. Education takes a lot of forms.

But like Dr. Johnson, I find it easier to be abstemious than temperate. Consequently, I guess I’ll have to get into the habit of brown-bagging it to the caf. Here’s hoping that works.

Tomorrow the frosh move in, with the upperclasspeeps following a couple of days after. (Actually, a lot of kids are already here for their sports — remember, over half the kids at Mondoville are on a varsity squad.) The Spawn has to get up at stupid o’clock to help folks move in tomorrow; it’s one of the things her sorority does, and I’m sure she’ll be bright-tailed and bushy-eyed. I’ll be over there a bit later, to grade the last set of placement exams for comp classes, and the term officially starts next Tuesday.

But before I score exams tomorrow, I think I’ll get a walk in.


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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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