In Which the Prof is a Corrupting Influence

Back in the pleistocene when I was doing my Masters, one of my officemates (for about 4 years of my two-year M.A. studies) was a guy named Chris McGinley. He’s originally from Boston, and as you might guess from that and his name, a touch Irish. He was more on the punky/alt-rock side, while I was in my metal years, which would culminate in Broken Glass Waltzes. But we still managed to click, and we hung around a fair amount beyond the academic buildings as well, watching pay-per-view boxing matches, visiting watering holes (he was present one of the two times I ever had too much to drink) — that sort of thing. After I finished my degree and moved to Cincinnati, we lost touch, as tended to happen back then. However, thanks to the miracle of social media, we re-established contact. He’s now teaching at a private middle school in Lexington (KY, not MA), and seems to be perking right along.

In any case, Chris and I were communicating recently, and he asked me a bit about crime fiction. I told him about a couple of places where I had landed stories, and I’m happy to report that Chris’s story “Drama Queen” can be found at Out of the Gutter Online. It’s nicely old school — as one commenter said, “I read this in black and white.” You should do that as well.

So welcome to the club, Mr. McGinley, and remember the motto of the Mystery Writers of America: “Crime does not pay. . . enough!”

About profmondo

Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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