In Which the Prof Overcommits

As you know if you’ve been reading me for a while, one of my goals when I started this walking stuff back in May was to enter (notice I didn’t say “compete in”) a 5K walk/run event the college does at Homecoming. This year, the event takes place on Saturday, 15 October. In fact, I guess I’ll go ahead and register this week (although they aren’t supplying T-shirts in my size, alas.) So far, so good, right?

However, this afternoon as I was getting my treadmill time in (4 miles in 59:47, allowing me an extra 13 seconds of gratuitous striding), I got a message from the booker at one of our habitual venues, asking if we would be available for a show with a band that strikes me as a nice fit. The show is about an hour’s drive from here (as are many things, really), and it’s Friday night. If things go as they typically do, I’ll likely get home somewhere in the 2-2:30 a.m. range. The walk/run takes place at 8 a.m., so I’m guessing I may be at something like peak rest and alertness when I reach the starting line.

But a show is a show, and a goal is a goal. And to top things off, Justin the bass player will be at the walk/run as well, and he’ll be working (as part of his job at the college.) If he can drag in there, I reckon I can too. So I’ll do both. All the same, you might not expect my traditional gig report quite as quickly as usual. Just sayin’.

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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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1 Response to In Which the Prof Overcommits

  1. Fudd says:

    Welcome to my world 🙂
    I remember playing out Thursday nights and teaching on Fridays…Nowadays, it’s two bands and a career…Recently had gigs where I get home at 3, then video shoots with the other band the next day…plus, usually, church! It’s tiring as hell, but I must say (as long as I don’t kill myself from the effort) it makes me feel like a badass!

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