Running (or Walking) the Numbers

As I mentioned, last week I decided to increase my pace to the reputed Roman legion standard of 4 mph, and I’ve maintained it through this week. Three days in, I’ve already completed an IKEA half-marathon and change at 14.2 miles, chiefly due to a spontaneous decision yesterday to try a 10K, which I did (mathematically enough) in a little less than 93 minutes (1:32:52 for those of you without the minute-to-hour conversion chart).

While I’ve been doing this, I sometimes find myself doing math as I walk, checking myself against the time and distance measurements, counting steps and such. I’m not quite like my two-greats Aunt Bay, who used to work quadratic equations in her head to lull herself to sleep, but I still notice stuff like this, I guess.

What I’ve noticed is that at 4 mph, I (or anyone else, really) will cover 52.8 feet in nine seconds (1 mile in 900 seconds –> 15 min.) Typically that equals 19 steps for me, which gives me a step length of not quite 2.78 feet (2.7789473684210526315789473684211, if you’re really picky). By way of comparison, the average step length for a man is 2.5 feet, and so I seem to step about 11% farther than the average (Although I have gerbil legs in proportion to my height, I guess 6’4″ is 6’4″.)

In turn, this means I take about 90.1% of the steps a “normal man” takes to cover the same distance. Given that, the 4-miler I did today took me about 7600 steps (1900 x 4), but “should” take the average guy 8435. From a tempo standpoint, I’m walking at about 126.67 steps per minute, which means that these two songs would pretty much split the difference:

These are things I think about as I clomp along. And even though you aren’t my Aunt Bay, this may have helped you get to sleep. See you soon!


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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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