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Yeah, It’s the Guardian…

… so I shouldn’t be surprised, but I still found myself stopping at a line from a review of Candice Millard’s account of Winston Churchill’s time in the Boer War: For Millard, Churchill (whose mother was American) is not an … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Receives a Birthday Surprise

So I turned 51 sometime before I woke up today (but I prefer to think of myself as three 17-year-olds in terms of size and general maturity level), and I’ve been receiving well wishes from lots of folks via the … Continue reading

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Paging Andrew Stevens…

Mr. Stevens, would you be kind enough to give me a holler at my prof-dot-mondo-dot-blog at gmail-dot-com address? I’m interested in some Intellectual Chaos, if that remains a going concern. (And of course, anyone else who wishes to reach me at … Continue reading

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“Radio is a Sound Salvation”: Gig Report

The Berries found their way into a new venue last night, as we made our debut at Greenville’s Radio Room. We set out on our expedition to the Upstate after a 6:30 load, and reached the venue a few minutes … Continue reading

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In Which The Prof Preaches The Gospel According to Sam Spade

Having failed to learn his lesson last time, the campus pastor asked me to deliver the message at today’s weekly chapel meeting. Here’s what I said. In Arlington, VA, Dashiell Hammett is probably spinning in his grave this morning. He … Continue reading

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How’s That for Relevant?

In today’s Seven Deadlies session, we were talking about the sin of Pride and its near relative, Vainglory. As part of this, we read a chunk of Prudentius, and a couple of questions from Aquinas’s Summa Theologica. During the discussion of Vainglory, … Continue reading

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Birthday Wishes and Other Saturday Potpourri

Yesterday marked a couple of anniversaries that I find personally rewarding. In 1988, Tom Browning pitched the only perfect game in the history of my beloved Cincinnati Reds: I remember that, however, because it was also the Mad Dog’s birthday, … Continue reading

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