Movin’ On Up

Well, maybe not to a dee-luxe apartment in the sky, but the annual rankings from US News and World Report are out, and Mondoville has made a dramatic — even startling — upward move in the rankings. We’re now the 16th-ranked college in the South, up from 41st last year. This is easily the highest the school has been ranked in my time here, and while I’ve always believed we do a pretty darned good job, it’s nice to see other folks recognizing it.

A particular point of pride is that we were ranked #8 among schools for veterans in the region, and the #3 best overall value among colleges in the region. Also, per a college press release:

Newberry College earned high rankings for its low student-teacher ratio (12 to 1) compared to peer schools, high alumni giving (14 percent) and high percentage of small class sizes (64 percent less than 20 students), among other criteria.

So, if you happen to know a young person interested in a very good small-college experience in a warm-weather location? Give us a holler. I hear the English department is good — even if some of the profs are curmudgeonly.

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