Yeah, It’s the Guardian…

… so I shouldn’t be surprised, but I still found myself stopping at a line from a review of Candice Millard’s account of Winston Churchill’s time in the Boer War:

For Millard, Churchill (whose mother was American) is not an embodiment of the British bulldog breed. Rather, he is one of those ambitious men – boiling over with surplus energy and devoted to a toxic ideal of honourable manliness – who abounded on both sides of the Atlantic at the beginning of the 20th century.

(Italics mine — Prof. M.) Kind of came in handy in the early 40s, though, dinnit? (And of course, I also love the reminder of his “half-breed status.” Let’s hear it for hybrid vigor.)

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1 Response to Yeah, It’s the Guardian…

  1. Andrew Stevens says:

    You got me curious. Looking through other reviews of the book, it seems pretty clear to me that “toxic” is Lucy Hughes-Hallett’s characterization and not Candice Millard’s. It’s a very poorly written sentence on Hughes-Hallett’s part since she seems to attribute that attitude to Millard.

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