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In Which the Berries Escape the Flames: Gig Report

Although the Berries were originally conceived as a half-in-jest band of faculty members for a talent show here at the college, and although for most of the group’s existence, we’ve practiced on campus (from the chapel to the theater to … Continue reading

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When HGTV Attacks…

De gustibus non est disputandum and all that, but Jeez Louise. It reminded me of a song. And good luck selling it, by the way. A tip of the Mondo Mortarboard to Teresa Kaylor, via Facebook.

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Potpourri for a Breezy Saturday

We’re fine. Mondoville isn’t even under any watches or warnings — those start about a county over to our south and east (Real City, for example, is under flash flood warnings until tomorrow.) But as for us, it’s breezy (gusts … Continue reading

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A Pre-Election Endorsement

Too late, I fear. Alas.

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Checking In Before Matthew Does

Although Mondoville is well inland, we’re being affected by the preparations for the arrival of Hurricane Matthew later this week. The governor has ordered an evacuation from the coast, which means about 1.1 million folks are headed West, many to Columbia … Continue reading

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Some Saturday Potpourri

Starting things off on a lively note, congratulations to my friend and high school bandmate Jim Faris on the arrival of his new son overnight. However, things didn’t exactly go as planned — Jim and Lora’s latest arrived in the … Continue reading

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