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Radio Days Are Here Again

This coming Thursday (1 December) I’ll be a guest on PatZi Gil’s Joy on Paper, a radio show about books and writers. The show’s theme will be based on In Sunlight Or In Shadow, and the other guests will include contributors Jonathan Santlofer, … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Plugs Another Prof

During my doctoral years at Ball State, I had the privilege of working with (and one summer, for) Patti White. The two of us were surprised to discover that we had attended the same high school (Boone County Reperesent!), although … Continue reading

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Advent Devotional, 28 November 16

Each year, members of the Newberry College community — faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends of the college — contribute short devotional pieces for the days of Advent. (This year we did it for Lent as well, but the Advent … Continue reading

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Hack, Cough, Wheeze… Potpourri

Every year around this time, my allergies act up. In good years, they come and go. In most years, I wind up with a sinus infection that sometimes turns into bronchitis. In really special years, the bronchitis goes all the way … Continue reading

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“In the Clearing Stands a Boxer…”

… or maybe a bodybuilding metalhead. I just watched I Am Thor, a documentary about Canadian musician Jon Mikl Thor (ne Jon Mikl). The film traces his career from bodybuilding champ to Vegas attraction, and from there to hypertheatrical hair metal … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving 2016

The Hound of the Basketballs and I are downstairs. Mrs. M and the Spawn are still abed at the moment, getting a bit more rest before the day’s activities. We’re having guests for dinner this afternoon: The Spawn’s sorority Big … Continue reading

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For Those Who Are Interested…

… I have become a Goodreads Author. That is to say that this page will help you meet all your Warren Moore-related literary needs, such as they are. As an added bonus, there is an “Ask the Author” feature, where … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Visits Tlön

Today in my capstone class, I introduced the kids to Jorge Luis Borges, the author we’ll be reading for the remainder of the term. We started with “Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius“, from the Labyrinths collection. As part of my lecture prep, … Continue reading

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Poetry Corner: A Few Words from Dante

My Seven Deadlies class is making its way through Purgatorio, and today we talked a bit about Virgil’s speech in Canto XVIII about love. In the previous Canto, he explains to Dante that love is both the basis of all good … Continue reading

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During my recent adventures in Philly at NoirCon, my panel was moderated by Roger Hobbs. At 28, Hobbs was lively, energetic, and palpably brilliant. We had a lively panel, and last week, he e-mailed me about turning our discussion into … Continue reading

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