Potpourri for Election Day

So here we are, getting ready to learn which evil clown gets to lead the parade of horribles for the next chunk of time. Clan Mondo is divided, with one voting for Agrippina, one for Caligula, and one for Cato the Younger. In point of fact, I don’t especially want to vote at all, lest I be accused of lending my imprimatur to the coming awfulness, but the Spawn is voting in her first election and asked me to accompany her to the polls, so I go from my sense of paternal duty, while hoping that Adam Smith was right when he said there’s a lot of ruin in a nation and consoling myself that this world is not my home.



I haven’t had much to say this week, as I’ve been focused on academic housekeeping, committee work, and the like. I’ve done a little fictioneering and hope for more, but basically I’ve been muddling along as most of us do. I am looking forward to making my first trip to New York in a little less than a month for the launch of In Sunlight or In Shadow, and I’m even more pleased to discover that I can fly from Major League City for less than a train trip from Real City, with the added benefit of the trip taking 2-4 hours (depending on whether or not we include the drive to MLC) each way vs. 15 hours (if we include the drive to the train station.) Reports will follow.


After having done the 5K midway through October, and a fair amount of walking while I was in Philly, I finally got back to the treadmill yesterday, but now that the weather has cooled down, I think I may try walking a bit more on the local streets — the view is better, and now that I actually know a 5K course here in the neighborhood, a little variety might be nice.


In a different sort of election, I’m pleased to report that the Spawn was named chair of her sorority’s star chamber Honor Council for the coming year. I’m sure her justice will be swift and stern, unleavened by mercy or  the understanding of human frailty. All hail Her Cruelty, the Spawn of Mondo.


Not far from here, one Todd Kohlhepp is accused of a serial murder career that seems to have covered quite a few years, and it appears that the horror dial has been turned up a few more notches by his practice of posting reviews on Amazon for purchases that are much more ominous in retrospect than they seemed at the time. Again, I’m reminded of that quote from my former professor: It’s hard sometimes for fiction to stay ahead of the horror.


And speaking of horror, back to the election. Here’s some music to mark today’s occasion. First, here’s a classic from Simon and Garfunkel. I’m sure you’ll spot the appropriate section, but if you can’t, it’s the third verse.

Next up, the clown princes of punk offer this fine cover of Barry McGuire’s rendition of P.F. Sloan:

We also have the standardbearer for the Wild Party, who probably wouldn’t do any worse:

And finally, a word from the Kingston Trio. Funny how things remain relevant:

Let’s get through this one, friends. See you soon.


About profmondo

Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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