Happy Veterans’ Day, and a Bit of Pie

First of all, thanks to all the vets and current servicepeople who read this blog (and to those who don’t, for that matter — I’m no ingrate). I’m really the only one of my Kentucky high school circle (strike that — there was another) who didn’t do a stretch in the military, which is good, as I imagine I would have been something like Vincent D’Onofrio’s “Private Pyle” in Full Metal Jacket. So thanks to the Mads, my high school chums, and the other folks who were are tougher and more competent than I could hope to be. As the Great Cham said, “Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier, or not having been at sea.”


On an entirely different subject, when I was in college, there was (and apparently still is) a touring fire-and-brimstone evangelist by the name of “Brother” Jed Smock. He travels from campus to campus and harangues passersby about their sinful ways and inevitable damnation. His style is highly confrontational, and I don’t know if he’s actually won any souls, but I know he’s alienated a lot of people. (Of course, Augustine argues that rhetoric can’t convert — only grace can do that, although rhetoric can lead the converted.)

In any case, I found and find myself reminded of Brother Jed in the run-up to and aftermath of the Presidential election. And that brings us to Jonathan Pie.

Pie is a fictional character, written and portrayed by actor Tom Walker. He’s a journalist, and his monologues are done as ostensibly backstage rants on the issues of the day. Pie is well to the left, but he’s not without a knack for self-criticism. I was introduced to his work last night, and I share it with you. Language warning, though: he works blue.

See you soon.



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