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“Is There A Doctor in the House?”

Today Mrs. M and I decided to change the scenery a bit, and spent the afternoon and early evening Upstate in Greenville. While we originally had plans to visit a couple of museums and such, we got distracted by some … Continue reading

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Christmas, 2016

Clan Mondo is lounging around the Mid-Century Mondohaus this afternoon, having done some of the celebratory thing this morning. Mrs. M and I awoke around 8:30 (I had stayed up last night watching the Bengals lose), and the Spawn got … Continue reading

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Some Saturday Potpourri: Pre-Christmas Edition

Gradeapalooza is complete, Mrs. M finished with her kids yesterday, and the Spawn is getting in touch with old friends back for the holidays. What better time for some potpourri? *** Christmas got here a little early — today, to … Continue reading

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A View from the Inside

I have to get to Winter Commencement in a little bit, but ran across something on the Book of Faces a few minutes ago. It’s another of the post-election post-mortems, but I think there’s something of interest here. In particular, … Continue reading

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QotD: Ego-Boost Edition

From Joe Hartlaub’s review of In Sunlight or In Shadow: Office at Night is brought to life by Warren Moore in his story of the same name, a haunting and tragic tale based on the premise of abruptly shattered dreams and their … Continue reading

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Post-NYC Potpourri

I made it back to Mondoville last night around ten, and I’m still seriously jazzed about the whole business. A few things that didn’t make the previous two entries… *** I spent the morning of my last day in Brooklyn … Continue reading

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Mondo Takes Manhattan, Day 2: The Met, Munchies, the Mysterious Bookshop, and More Mastication

Just got back to the hotel after a long , but wonderful day. Details, you say? Fair enough. After availing myself of the hotel’s free hot breakfast, I caught the bus around 10 this morning, and it dropped me off near … Continue reading

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