QotD: Ego-Boost Edition

From Joe Hartlaub’s review of In Sunlight or In Shadow:

Office at Night is brought to life by Warren Moore in his story of the same name, a haunting and tragic tale based on the premise of abruptly shattered dreams and their aftermath, a theme that is subtly presented in much of Hopper’s work and is repeated independently, in a variety of ways, in SUNLIGHT. Reading “Office at Night” will cause you to hunt down Moore’s sparse but nonetheless brilliant backlist and wish that he wrote more.

“Sparse but nonetheless brilliant?” I should probably give reason to change one of those adjectives, but I’d likely pick the wrong one. Still, I’m grateful to Mr. Hartlaub for the kind words. Makes for a nice break from Gradeapalooza.

A tip of the Mondo Mortarboard to LB, via FB.

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