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“Focus on the Affirmative”

… or at least on Yes. The band that may very well have been the most commercially successful prog rock group (depending on how one thinks of Pink Floyd) in the movement will finally be inducted into the Rock and … Continue reading

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An Explanation?

As most of my friends and associates know, I did not support Donald Trump’s camapign for the presidency, and it is my hope to have as little to do with his administration as I can get away with. However, neither … Continue reading

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Post-Gig Report: The Theme is Adaptation

The Berries played Greenville last night, but the story actually begins half a week ago. Early this past week, as I drove from campus to the grocery, I noticed that the “Check Engine” light was continuing to burn. This has … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Potpourri

Mrs. M is at the gym and the Spawn is in the city of her father’s birth, attending a training session for her new role as Grand Inquisitrix of her sorority chapter. I’m still receiving Little Steven’s Underground Garage via … Continue reading

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Inauguration Day

… and the greatest scream in rock history. In the end, they’re politicians. You’re more than a vote, more than a member of Team Red or Team Blue, more than a client of the state and more than a subject … Continue reading

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A New Addition to the Wish List, and Perhaps Some Potpourri?

With a tip of the Mondo Mortarboard to Timothy Gassen, author of The Knights of Fuzz (the latest edition of which includes an entry for a certain band from Mondoville), I want one of these… with twelve legs. *** Mrs. M, … Continue reading

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The Berries have a show coming up in Greenville on the 21st, back at the Radio Room, where we’ve played once before. I’m usually the point man for our bookings, and part of that includes networking with folks from other … Continue reading

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Potpourri: Hello, 2017

Clan Mondo welcomed the New Year in with our traditional standing in the yard and watching fireworks through the trees, followed by some sparkling juice and off to bed. I hope the New Year brings you and yours both what … Continue reading

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