Mid-Gradeapalooza Potpourri

I have a stack of papers waiting for my attention this afternoon, but I thought I could procrastinate drop a line or two before then, so why not do that now?


The Spawn’s sorority formal was Friday night, and she reports that she had a really good time. A bonus is that a young woman who has been a friend of the Spawn’s since elementary school joined the sorority quite recently, and they’re both tickled to be sisters in this new way. In fact, after the formal was over, they hung out at a local fast-food place for a while, noshing on tater tots and chatting away. (And the evening also gave the Spawn the chance to audition for the cover of a 1960s Fawcett Gold Medal paperback. (The Eames chair and ottoman are an inheritance from my folks.)


Another bonus is that although the young woman who is the Spawn’s Big Sis is graduating in a couple of weeks, she plans to stay in town for the summer while she coaches volleyball in Real City. We’re happy to have her around a little longer — we feel like her family in Colorado has loaned her to us while she’s here — and we look forward to seeing her as the summer winds on.


On the scribbling front, I’m pleased to report that Amazon is accepting advance orders for Alive in Shape and Color: 16 Paintings by Great Artists and the Stories They Inspired. It’s Larry’s new anthology, and it follows up on the Hopper-themed antho where I had a story last year. Each of us were offered the opportunity to select our own artist/artwork and write a story, and while the medievalist in me wanted to go with Hieronymus Bosch, Michael Connelly has something of a proprietary interest there, so I went with Salvador Dali’s Pharmacist of Ampurdan in Search of Absolutely Nothing, a painting that has fascinated me since Dad brought home an Abrams edition of a book on Dali and his works when I was a kid. Other writers have chosen works ranging from the Lascaux cave paintings to a Rodin sculpture. The contributors include returners like Connelly, Joe Lansdale, Lee Child, and Joyce Carol Oates, and other ace writers like Thomas Pluck, David Morrell, and Sarah Weinman. The book comes out in December, but it’s going to make a wonderful Christmas gift, so why wait to chase down a copy?


And since the afternoon’s grading draws near like Time’s winged chariot in a Marvell poem, I’ll share a little music before I go. The world of progressive rock has taken a number of hits in recent months, with the latest coming in the death of British guitarist Allan Holdsworth. A few months ago, we also lost bassist/vocalist John Wetton. As it happens, Holdsworth and Wetton collaborated with Bill Bruford and Eddie Jobson in early prog supergroup U.K. That lineup only lasted for one album in 1978, but a fine album it was. This was the leadoff track.

Thanks for the music, guys. And for the rest of you, see you soon!


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Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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