In Which the Prof Salutes the Grand Master

The Mystery Writers of America celebrated some of 2016’s best work last night at the Edgars banquet, and I’m pleased to report that Lawrence Block went home with the field’s most coveted ceramic figure in the category of Best Short Story, for his work “Autumn at the Automat.” The story (which you can find in In Sunlight or In Shadow, along with some works from other folks you may recognize) is classic Block, with a hook that is simultaneously roguish, endearing, and wickedly funny (or funnily wicked.) I read it for the first time while looking at galleys of ISoIS, and it let me close the book while I wore a satisfied smile. The story is well played, and the award richly deserved (although at this point, he probably has enough of them that he can use them as doorstops).


Pictured: Larry’s coffee table.

So congratulations, LB, and I’m glad you’re around to show middle-aged whippersnappers like me how it’s done!

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