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QotD: Mondo’s Mood Edition

In an article about the seeming decline of brick-and-mortar retail in the U.S., Kevin Williamson offers this: [T]here’s a blood-plasma donation center two doors down from an Arby’s — if you are in search of the Eliotic objective correlative for … Continue reading

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Memorial Day, 2017

Once again, we remember. For Sgt. James Michial Moore, USA, KIA, Vietnam, and those before and after. Archibald MacLeish was an ambulance driver and artilleryman in World War I, and his brother, a naval aviator, was killed in 1918. This poem … Continue reading

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In Which the Spawn Enters Dungeons with Diplomacy

A month or two ago, the Spawn and some of her online friends decided to start playing Dungeons and Dragons, using real-time phone and data links as the various participants are scattered around the continent. Her party is composed entirely … Continue reading

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Back to Work Potpourri

My post-Commencement break is wrapping up, and on Tuesday I’ll start teaching a course or two for our first summer term. At this point, course #2 has no enrollees, but we’ll see if anyone signs up by or on Tuesday. … Continue reading

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QotD: Warts and All Edition

Over at NRO, Jim Geraghty has a piece that is in some ways about historiography, both collective and personal. He quotes a former SUNY-Stony Brook prof named Noah Smith: You can look at American history and find tons of atrocities. … Continue reading

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Unsettled; Underground

I ran a couple of errands this afternoon, stopping by WalMart and the college, where I carried some copies of the annual litmag to the library (sparing the Spawn a bit of exertion) and handed the new shipment of Berries … Continue reading

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A Gray or Grey Morning

Madeleine L’Engle once commented that while gray and grey are the same word (with the former being the U.S. spelling and the latter being British), they evoked very different colors (colours?) for her. They do for me as well, which is probably … Continue reading

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