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In Which the Prof Revisits His Past and Turns Surly

I came downstairs this evening after dinner to good news and bad news. The good news was that Mrs. M, chafing under the oppressive relaxation of her summer break, had cleaned the downstairs — thanks, dear! The bad news was … Continue reading

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Eight Years Later

I mis-set my alarm this morning, getting up at 6:30, an hour later than I usually do on workdays. It was probably just as well — I had a restless night, in part because I knew what today is. I’ve … Continue reading

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Of Quilts and Face-Plants: Saturday Potpourri

Just got home from a day trip, in more ways than one. But first things first… *** Last night, Mrs. M and I were fortunate enough to go to Mondoville’s historic Ritz Theater, where we saw the local community players … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Accidentally Finds Himself in the Transit Business

So I had to swing by the grocery this afternoon, and on my way home, I saw a gentleman walking along the side of the road — a not uncommon sight down here. He was on the tall side of … Continue reading

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Poetry Corner: In Which the Great Cham Anticipates Housman

Anyone who has spent much time here in my internet home is aware of my admiration for Samuel Johnson. After all, I’m on my second custom-made SJ T-shirt, and I reveled in the chance to teach a lot of his … Continue reading

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On the Spawn’s Unusual Upbringing

As she was growing up, I took the Spawn to and from school every day, and we’d listen to whatever I felt like hearing in the car. (Because I listen to so much garage, psych, and prog, she says she … Continue reading

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A Whiff of Saturday Potpourri

Another Saturday morning. Mrs. M is off to the Y, and the Spawn will likely sleep til the crack of noon, as is her wont on days off. Me? I’m downstairs with the Hound, listening to Little Steven’s Underground Garage, … Continue reading

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