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The King of Liver-Flavored Toothpaste, and other Potpourri

Sorry I’ve been absent for a week, but I had a story to finish, students to advise, and well — Anyway, some potpourri? *** The ladies of Clan Mondo spent the weekend in Lost-in-the-Woods County visiting family, which left me … Continue reading

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Gig Report: Happy Birthday, Art Bar

The Berries got back into the rock and roll business last night, playing the opening set at the anniversary celebration for our Real City home at ArtBar. As the opener, we arrived at 7 p.m. for set-up with the venue’s … Continue reading

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Quote of the Early Morning

A few minutes ago, I ran across a New Criterion review of the new OUP edition of the diaries and journals of Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J. I’ve mentioned Hopkins before — how when I first encountered his work (during my teens), … Continue reading

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A Nice Touch

For years, my favorite movie was the original Dawn of the Dead, written and directed by the recently departed George Romero*. The bulk of the movie takes place at an abandoned shopping mall, leading to the three-word synopsis: “Consumers get consumed.” … Continue reading

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Goin’ to the Chapel… Hill, That Is.

Just got back to Mondoville with Mrs. M and the Spawn an hour or two ago, after a trip north to visit the U of North Carolina’s flagship campus at Chapel Hill. The Spawn’s academic interests have led her to … Continue reading

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In Which the Universe Yells at the Prof

I was at the grocery the other day, and as I got out of the van, I saw a woman who seemed to recognize me. I wish I could tell you who she was, but in a small town like … Continue reading

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Dodging the Bullet

This year’s Bouchercon is in Toronto, which in my case, is extra incentive to go, as I love the city, but haven’t been there since 2010. I was somewhat tickled this morning when I saw a blurb from B’Con on … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Answers Doorbells

A few minutes ago, the doorbell rang, and since Mrs. M was at the gym and the Spawn was in dishabille, it fell to me to respond. I wasn’t exactly dressed for company myself, not having put on a shirt … Continue reading

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Independence Day Potpourri

Let’s start by remembering the men who pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to reject a government they considered oppressive. The nation they spawned continues, and while we’ve made wrong turns along the way, we’ve still done more to … Continue reading

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