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“I Can Only Receive”

(Title source may be found here.) Depending on how you look at things, I may never have owned a brand new car (a term I always hear in my head with the inflection and cadence of a game-show host). Many … Continue reading

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Sayonara, Nakajima-San

Reports are that actor Haruo Nakajima has died at the age of 88. Here’s a picture of him: However, here he is in his most famous role (He’s the one in the middle): Yes, Mr. Nakajima was the original actor … Continue reading

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Camp on Wheels

I’ve mentioned in the past that I spend a lot of time listening to the Mondoville campus radio station. This means that I’ve heard the station’s limited selection of PSA’s way too often. In particular, I hear a spot for … Continue reading

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Gig Non-Report, and a Bit of Potpourri

Getting a bit closer to the start of a new school year, but there are still things to do that are less than scholarly, so. . . *** About that gig we were supposed to play last night? Well, last … Continue reading

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