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A Couple of Quick Ones

My HotEL (History of the English Language) class is getting ready to start a section on Johnson’s Dictionary tomorrow, which is cool, because today would have been the Great Cham’s 308th birthday. Kudos to the folks at Google for making … Continue reading

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Some Words from Northrop Frye

I find these particularly valuable in our current age. It would be easy to compile a long list of […] determinisms in criticism, all of them, whether Marxist, Thomist, liberal-humanist, neo-Classical, Freudian, Jungian, or existentialist, substituting a critical attitude for … Continue reading

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Saturday Potpourri: The Long and Windy Week Edition

So the week started with a hurricane and ends with a football game. And there was other stuff too. *** We caught the fringe of Irma’s northeastern quadrant, but that was enough, thanks. All the same, the Dean pulled the … Continue reading

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A Day with the Spawn

Yesterday was a scheduled Daddy/Daughter day, as we headed for Real City for lunch and a movie. The day’s activities were funded by the Spawn’s earnings; she recently broke the $1K mark in savings from her library work, and decided … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Becomes Uncomfortably Aware that He Has a Birthday in 20 Days

I’m 51 years old. Barring something unexpected, I will soon be 52. Unlike the Mad Dog, who loathes the thought of aging, I share my mom’s opinion that getting older beats the alternative. Still, events over the past two days … Continue reading

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Elevator Ahoy!

Do you ever have the urge to hang around in a shopping center or office building in the late 50s or early 60s? Don’t be ashamed — it’s a natural part of growing up. However, while I can’t direct you … Continue reading

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Bonus Labor Day Potpourri

I’m letting lunch settle before I go for a walk and come home for some class prep, so I thought I’d share a little bit of this and that while I wait. *** First off, I’d like to put in … Continue reading

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