In Which the Spawn Reclaims a Bit of Her Heritage

Longtime readers may recall that in the Spawn’s preteen and early teen years, she spent a lot of time drawing, with an eye toward creating her own comics one day. As the years went by, however, she became much more focused on the writing end of things and turned away from her sketchbook.

While I’m just glad she does creative stuff at all, I have to admit that I was a little surprised by her loss of interest in graphic arts. As I’ve mentioned before, both my parents studied art — they met as commercial art majors in their Nashville high school. Dad was a member of the Tennessee Art League in the 70s, and had some of his work displayed at Nashville’s Parthenon. He also did vehicle art — van murals and other such fashions of the time — and taught printmaking as an adjunct at what was then Watkins Institute (and is now Watkins College of Art, Design and Film.) As a high schooler, Mom had done fashion sketches for a local department store’s ads, and while she pursued careers in motherhood and housewifery, she continued to sketch and draw for school events, flyers, and the like until her M.S. stifled her ability to draw. As for me, I can’t draw a lick. But when the Spawn demonstrated some skill and interest in that direction, I thought it was a nice inheritance. (Of course, words were never my parents’ enemies either, but their abilities in art were always things I admired about my folks, and as I said, I thought it was cool that the Spawn had picked some of that up. Until she stopped.)

Here at Mondoville, though, we follow the liberal arts tradition and expect our students to at least poke a little bit at music or fine arts. In the Spawn’s case, that means that she had to sign up for an art class this term. Specifically, she’s taking drawing. She wasn’t looking forward to the class, though, and seemed to have a burst of impostor syndrome. Still, you gotta do what you gotta do, so she’s been going to her class meetings and reopening her sketchbook. And as she showed me yesterday, She’s been doing a bit more than that.


Untitled Charcoal Drawing, by the Spawn of Mondo

Maybe she’ll keep doing this after the term ends, or maybe she’ll find other things to do, and it’s OK either way; what’s important is that she’s satisfied with what she decides to pursue. But I hope you (and she) will forgive me if I’m pleased to see a little bit of my parents’ inheritance in their granddaughter.

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1 Response to In Which the Spawn Reclaims a Bit of Her Heritage

  1. mike shupp says:

    I quite liked that picture and I encourage The Spawn to keep at it, even if she never makes a living as a professional artist. It’s a wonderful thing, having a talent, for drawing, for writing, for speaking foreign languages, for playing music or singing, for doing theoretical physics, for remembering history and seeing its implications about you, for — any number of things. It’s like … not having money in the bank, but being conscious of having money in the bank, an assurance of unending wealth, a wonderful possession which can be used over and over without diminishing.

    Words fail me, but I hope she’ll keep drawing and painting, for as long as she enjoys it.

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