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Saturday Potpourri: Road to Recovery Edition

Although I’m still coughing too much and have a nasty headache, I haven’t run a fever in a good couple of days and I think I’m getting a bit more functional. Mrs. M is at the grocery, and the Spawn … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, Outside the Quarantine Zone…

Now that I have my Official Flu Diagnosis, I’m on the disabled list until at least Monday, and am basically confined to the lower portion of the Mid-Century Mondohaus. On the rare occasions that I venture up the stairs, the … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof is Chillin’, But Not in A Good Way.

When I woke up yesterday, I didn’t really feel like I was hitting on all cylinders. I was stiff, especially in my legs, and although I ate breakfast, I didn’t especially enjoy it. But I chalked it up to middle … Continue reading

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Today was a day with my freshpeeps — they get the 3x weekly classes, while my upper levels get the longer sessions twice a week. We spent the day talking about discourse communities, Burke’s parlor, and what constitutes evidence when … Continue reading

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Saturday Afternoon Potpourri

It was a scattershot sort of week, but it still provided some blog fodder, so here we go… *** I only spent two days in the classroom this week. Classes were cancelled on King Day, and because of dubious weather … Continue reading

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The Height (and Weight) of Idiocy

As usual, I’ll open this with the disclaimer that I am not a fan of the Current Occupant of the White House. Couldn’t bring myself to vote for him (or his principal opponent, for that matter. Fortunately, as I lived … Continue reading

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News From A Former Hometown

Mrs. M had finished her education degree a couple of years before we moved to Muncie, IN, so I could do the doctorate. After subbing for a time, followed by a half-time position, her first permanent teaching gig was with … Continue reading

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