Goodbye, Aurora

Some of you may recall that one of the Berries’ final shows was a benefit gig for a little girl named Aurora Schmitt, who was suffering from cancer. While I devoutly wish I could offer better news, that’s not how life works out sometimes.

Aurora died Saturday morning at 3:20. From her family:

She was home, right where she wanted to be. There was no pain in the end, and her death came quickly. She was surrounded by people and things she loved.

After we learned her cancer was terminal in early February, I hoped and prayed for as much good time with her as possible. The world itself was blessed with another 2 months and 8 days of Aurora- the overwhelming majority of those being GOOD days. She went to Disney. She rode her roller coaster. She met Minnie and Mickey and danced with Goofy. She ate at Menchie’s and Chicken Salad Chick and FATZ Cafe. She rode a horse. She PAINTED a horse.

The list goes on.

Aurora lived her remaining days in the same manner she lived her healthiest of days. She smiled and laughed and giggled and shined like the brightest star during the blackest night.

We are blessed to have so many pictures and videos and memories to remind us of this Warrior Princess. I’m going to try and live my remaining days as she taught me. And I hope all of you can find a way to do the same.

Aurora Schmitt was five years old. If you’re of a religious persuasion, offer some up for her father Thomas and the rest of her family — Aurora, of course, no longer requires them.

The family has also mentioned that they would welcome donations in Aurora’s name to her favorite charity, which may be found here.

One of the final statements Thomas reported from Aurora was a couple of weeks ago, on a very difficult day. They were together, and as one might expect, what had happened and what was come were both weighing on Thomas. Aurora told him what she wanted for him: “Just be happy. All the time.”

And we will all try, but I trust Aurora will forgive all of us if we have to wait a bit first.

God bless you, Thomas, and the rest of your family.

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