We Interrupt this Gradeapalooza…

… To note that today marks my 8th bloggiversary.

Eight years ago, my parents had been buried for ten months, and my brother had been charged with their murders for eight. These were the first things I thought of every morning and the  last things I thought of each night. In between, I looked for ways to distract myself.

One of the ways I did that was by discussing/debating politics with my best friend, the Mad Dog, on the Book of Faces. He and I have almost always tried to model reasonable disagreement, although I don’t think this was so much a conscious decision as it was the willingness to recognize that both of us are human beings, and that we are neither stupid nor evil — we simply operate from some very different assumptions.

The Mad Dog also was aware that I had written a fair amount in the past, ranging from fiction and poetry to journalism and my academic work. “Why not start a blog?”, he said. “You can lay your ideas out there at any length you like.” Now, this may have been a means of decluttering his timeline, and if so, it has been only a partial success, but the idea had a certain charm.

I’ve never seen myself as being particularly good at long-term projects, and I honestly suspected that the blog would go the way of most, with a few entries followed by a trailing away as entropy took its toll. I envisioned it as being like my 5th-grade diary, which petered out after a couple of weeks. (As the joke goes, “Day 15. Cloudy. Still no word from Ed McMahon.”) But what the hell — that would be a couple of weeks with something on which to focus. Why not blog?

So I did. And much to my surprise, I still do it. And along the way to here, I rediscovered that I actually like writing, whether it’s fiction, short essays, or the pantechnicon posts of potpourri (Wow — that sounded like Stan Lee!) Heck, I’ve even been able to write enough to check an item or three off my bucket list (Publish a novel, join MWA, stuff like that), and get occasional bonuses I never would have expected (that review in the NYT.)

And in another surprising development, some folks seem to enjoy dropping by and reading what’s on my mind. I’m grateful for that, and for whatever portion of these eight years you’ve spent visiting. After all, you have a lot of other choices.

For years, I posted here each day, again I think out of the compulsion to distract myself from what had happened to my family. I don’t post as often now, and I think that’s part of my adjustment to what I called the New Normal, but I don’t see myself quitting any time soon.

I hope you’ll stick around — that way we can both see what happens.

About profmondo

Dad, husband, mostly free individual, medievalist, writer, and drummer. "Gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche."
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4 Responses to We Interrupt this Gradeapalooza…

  1. Congratulations on your continued success, here (and, of course, elsewhere).

    I was thinking a couple of days ago that social media predicted that blogs would be defunct circa 2012: since it was totally clear that Romney was going to win, right-wing nutjobs and their anti-Obama blogs would no longer have anything to complain about, so blogs would disappear quickly.

    Somehow, one very much doubts their expiration date is anywhere nigh; doesn’t it seem that all the blogs you frequent have largely maintained their traffic and updating?

  2. Don says:

    Sure, blogs on their way out, just like guitar groups in 1962, but as long as you keep writing, I’ll keep reading.

  3. Robbo says:

    A glass of wine with you, Sir!

  4. nightfly says:

    My belated congratulations, good Professor – for this and for the many joys and blessings of your life.

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