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Over the Top

When I was in Scouts, at eleven or twelve years of age, I went to the Cumberland Mountain Climbing School with the rest of my troop. I really hadn’t wanted to do it, but Dad was something of an outdoorsman, … Continue reading

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Poetry Corner: “It’s a Living” Edition

Last night, a former student of mine was talking on the Book of Faces about the fact (which she described as shameful) that teachers here in South Carolina don’t get paid a great deal. I mentioned that Mrs. M makes … Continue reading

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Losing A Great One

I just found out that Harlan Ellison has died. He marked his 84th birthday a month ago. Ellison was one of my favorite writers, and his work earned the respect and admiration of his peers. As much as anyone, he … Continue reading

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Lunch Downtown

It occurred to me last night that in about three weeks, it’ll have been 20 years since I got out of the magazine business. Well, that’s not entirely accurate — I freelanced every so often while I was doing my … Continue reading

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Choosing a Float to Ride in the Parade of Horribles

It’s hard to keep track of who we’re supposed to shun these days. Potential customers boycott businesses. Businesses boycott potential customers. Artist X has committed Misdeed Y — fire him, replace her, cast the past work into the cultural oubliette. … Continue reading

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Sunday Potpourri: Merry Blockmas Edition

So the weather folks tell us that today’s high in Mondoville will be around 102, with a heat index somewhere near 110. Fortunately, the A/C in my office is set to about 3 degrees Kelvin (the average temperature of the … Continue reading

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QotD: No More Heroes Edition

One of the things of which I’m proud is my defense of free expression at my job, as when I suggested that the faculty endorse a version of the U of Chicago’s statement on same. As a teacher and as … Continue reading

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