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Potpourri: Busy, Busy, Busy…

OK, so the first week of class (plus a day) has gone into the books, and this is the one day this week that I don’t have some kind of meeting as well, so why not get a post in … Continue reading

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News(paper) from a Former Home Town

I moved to Northern Kentucky forty years and ten days ago, on 13 August 78. Like the city I left (Nashville, TN), my new home had two daily newspapers. Nashville had the Tennessean (morning) and the Banner (evening), while Cincinnati’s … Continue reading

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Sunday Potpourri: Farewell to the Old Year Edition

I’ve mentioned before that because I’ve spent most of my life in academia and am married to a public schoolteacher on top of that, Clan Mondo’s rhythms are more closely aligned to the academic calendar than the traditional one. As … Continue reading

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In Which the Spawn Must Deal with Her Garage Rocker Parent

The Spawn has a fondness for herbal teas. In particular, she likes a spearmint tea, of a sort we can only get through Amazon. She orders the stuff as her supply requires replenishment, and before I came to the office … Continue reading

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In Which the Prof Has A Gas

One of my lower left jaw teeth has been giving me trouble for about a year. There’s a cavity right about at the gumline, and food would pack in there, despite brushing, flossing, mouthwash, and all that good stuff. This … Continue reading

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Weekend Potpourri: Dislocation Edition

I woke up a little after nine this morning, emerging from dreams of various members of my family, set in a Nashville of my youth and in a Northern Kentucky that was both of my adolescence and the present, with … Continue reading

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QotD: Different Sides of Campus Edition

As steady readers know, my daughter is considering the U of Maryland for her graduate work in library science. Because I’ve tried to pay less attention to the news over my time off, I was unaware of the recent horror … Continue reading

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